Rekha Thapa’s statement about giving birth out of wedlock stirs protest

In an interview with a TV program actress Rekha Thapa told that she is not interested in getting married again. But, she also added that she wanted to be a mother. After the divorce with her ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha Rekha is living with her mother. She is currently shooting her upcoming movie ‘Kali’.

Rekha wanted to make a life partner out of wedlock and live with him. To give examples of women living without a male partner, she gave the examples of Nepali actresses like Mithila Sharma and Koma Oli.

After joining Maoist party recently, the actress is also the member of the party. The party’s view on living together out of wedlock is very negative. After Rekha’s controversial statement about living together, some of the party members have raised the voice of protest. In response to the report of such protest, Rekha told that the news report is not true. She added members of Maoist party are much more knowledgeable and they love her. She also added, she is their artist. 

Rekha loves controversy and controversy helps in film industry. But, controversy in politics can be much more deadly. If she wants to succeed in politics she should try to be less controversial and more friendly.

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