‘Badhshala’ banned by army, March 8 protested as Black Friday

Nepali movie ‘Badhshala’ has been banned in Nepal and it is a new record in Nepali movie industry. This is the first time a movie is banned even before it is reviewed by the film reviewing body of the government, Nepal Censor Board.

badhshala - black friday

A protest program was organized in Mandala Theater, Kathmandu to protest against the government of banning a work of art. The artists and supporters were carrying protest slogans. Notable personalities present in the protest were director Yadav Kharel, comedy artist Manoj Gajurel, Manoj KC, and Reema Bishowkarma.

‘Badhshala’ is directed by Manoj Gajurel and the movie was supposed to release on March 8. When Nepal Army protested the movie without even watching it, the censor board wasn’t allowed to censor the movie.

At the time of Maoist insurgency, a movie made on Maoist, ‘Aago’ was blocked by Censor Board. But, the movie was allowed to screen in the theater after censoring a lot of scenes. But, in the case of ‘Badhshala’ the army itself has decided to step in in banning the movie.

The director Manoj Pandit is known of making movie on political matters. His documentary ‘Greater Nepal‘ dealt with the portion of Nepal that was transferred to India during Sugauli Treaty. The Indian government wasn’t much happy on the content of the movie. Manoj’s second movie ‘Dashdhunga‘ was made on the controversial death of the leader of Communist party, Madan Bhandari. The movie also went through rigorous evaluation and was allowed to release after removing portions of the movie.

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