Bikini Avatar of Sushma Karki – Now and Then

Actress Sushma Karki’s main talent is to show off her body. She is not known to be a good actress but, for skin show, nobody can beat her. Sushma is popular for being bold and scandalous rather than her movies and roles. The item dance in popular movie ‘Loot’ established Sushma in the film industry as an item girl. After that, she was featured in some hot movies like ‘Bandaas’ and ‘Bindaas 2’. Other movies she was featured as an actress didn’t do well in box office.

These days, Sushma is not active in movies or modelling shots. The film producers are not willing to invest on Sushma anymore. But, she is still bold and beautiful. Recently she posed in swimsuit in a five-star hotel’s swimming pool. The photos were popular in various online media. Featured in red bikini, she has posed in various poses. She had done similar photo shots in the past. Here are some of the current and previous photos for comparison.

Now and then: Suhsma Karki poses at the side of the swimming pool with her right leg bent and the left leg straight, in the water.

Another now, and then shot: In the recent photo Sushma is coming out of the swimming pool. In the old photo she is posing in the water park pool.

Two other hot photos of Sushma feature the back side of the actress:

Personal scandals of Sushma Karki

Actress and model Sushma Karki was in live-in relationship with at least two celebrities. The first relationship with a director of Nepali film industry broke up before she debuted as an actress.

The second relationship with Niran Shrestha also broke up in 2014. There were various scandals, break up and patch up before they broke permanently. She had told that Niran was too much possessive and wouldn’t let her be herself and sign in the roles that suit her. She also believed that her affair with Niran had ruined her career. But, the career that was going in the downward path didn’t recover even after she broke up with him.

These days, Sushma has kept her relationship private.

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