Sushma Adhikari – hot actress and model in Nepali film industry (Photos)

Hot actress, Sushma Adhikari, is taking over the sensuality of the previous Sushma – Sushma Karki. Sushma Adhikari’s debut movie wasn’t successful and she has been busy in various modelling assignments.

Sushma debuted in Nepali movie ‘Pipal’. After the failure of her first movie, Sushma’s second movie ‘Anautho Premkatha’ also failed to impress the viewers. After that, she has stopped acting in movies.

The movie is also available to waatch in online – Watch ‘Anautho Premkatha’ here.

After not being able to establish herself as a credible actress in Nepali films, she also worked in a couple of Bhojpuri movies. The Bhojpuri films also didn’t help her much. Sushma opened up in two Bhojpuri movies. Bhojpuri movies featuring Sushma are ‘Deewana 2’ and ‘Jaya Madhesh’.

Although she couldn’t leave an impression in movies, Sushma Adhikari has been successful as a model in music videos. She has been featured in hundreds of music videos. She is equally popular in lok geet music videos and pop song music videos. These days, Sushma is featured in a lot of music videos and she is also quite active in social media.

In Instagram and Facebook Sushma Adhikari shares her photos every day. The photos usually show her scantly covered body. It is clear, she is fond of showing off her body and cleavage. Here are some of the photos of Sushma Adhikari. These hot poses were collected from her social media account like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Before Sushma Adhikari, there was another Sushma – Sushma Karki. Like Adhikari, Karki also used to show off her skin and she was also featured in hot roles in movies. But, when the viewers get over her exposure, and show off, she isn’t seen in any movies these days. Is Adhikari going in the same path as that of Karki?

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Hot photos of Sushma Adhikari:

Sushma Adhikari

Sushma Adhikari

Sushma hot pose

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