Biraj Bhatt movie, Jungbhumi to release on July 10

NOTE: For the fans of Biraj Bhatt, we have posted his 2014 release movie ‘Gunda’ (watch ‘Gunda’ here).

At the time when no new movies are being released, a Bhojpuri-dubbed Nepali movie featuring actor Biraj Bhatt is being released in theatres in Nepal on July 10. The movie featuring Biraj Bhatt opposite of South Indian actress Rani Chhatarjee is a presentation of Karan Shrestha Crazy.


So far, none of the Bhojpuri-dubbed movies of Biraj Bhatt had been successful among Nepali viewers. Although the distributors have claimed that the movie was made both in Nepali and Bhojpuri, the trailer clearly shows the Indian settings. To add to the suspicion, there is no dialogue in the trailer. The trailer shows only action scenes.

The movie is presented by Karan Shrestha Crazy, names of the producers are Sushil Koirala and Jhalak Bahadur Syangtang and the executive producers are Ganesh Bahadur Gole and Bijay Lama. The director is Sangeet Kumar. 

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