Hasiya sequel to be made, Hema Shrestha and Anup Bikram Shahi to lead

After a year of the release of action movie ‘Hasiya’, the director and the producer of the movie has announced the making of the sequel of the movie. According to Milan Chams, the sequel of the movie will repeat actress Hema Shrestha in leading role. Actor Anup Bikram Shahi will be featured opposite to Hema.

The original ‘Hasiya’ featuring Hema Shrestha in action role was produced by Durga Ghale. The movie ‘Hasiya’ was released on May 23, 2014. After the movie, Hema started working as an air hostess at Etihad Airways and moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE. Hema is a trained in martial arts and had performed stunts in her debut movie. The item song featuring Hema Shrestha and Priyanka Karki was highly advertised for costing Rs. 1 million to film. Actor Rajesh Hamal had also taken the poster to the top of the highest peak in the UK for it’s promotion.

Read more about the actress in the NepaliActress profile of ‘Hema Shrestha’.

Sequel has been the big thing in the Nepali movie industry these days. Every movie is being made a sequel these days. In that race, ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ (watch ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ and watch ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’) is in the fore front with the fourth sequel underway. The third sequel of ‘Bindaas’ is is also underway (watch ‘Bindaas’ and watch ‘Bindaas 2’). The sequels of ‘Hostel’ (watch ‘Hostel’ here) is being released in a few weeks. There are a lot of movies with 2 attached in them like – ‘Saayad 2’, ‘Bato Muniko Phool 2’, ‘Kabaddi 2′, November Rain 2’, ‘Kismat 2’ and so on.

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