10K ‘Chapali Height’ posters destroyed

After the Binita Baral controversy over the publication some of her photos in various magazine covers, the producer of the movie, Arju Kumar, decided to destroy all the posters designed with the naked photos. About Rs. 250,000 was the cost of design, re-design, and printing of the destroyed posters.

(All the photos are removed from the post.)

The director of ‘Chapali Height‘, Dipendra K. Khanal, told that ten thousand posters of size 30×40 were destroyed by burning on Nov. 30.

Redesign of the posters is being currently done by the design team. The producer Arjun Kumar has to bear an excess burden in cost for the re-design and printing of the poster. That will also delay on the final release of the movie too. The movie released date was previously postponed from Mangsir 9 (November 25) to an unknown future date. But, that postponement is sure to extend more due to the poster controversy.

Binita Baral was apparently upset when the photo specially shot for one of the posters of the movie got published in the covers of magazines like Kamana, Shukrabar and others. The photo shows the actress and the lead actor of the movie without cloth above their waists.

After the press meet organized by the actress to release other photos to the media to tell that she was wearing garments on her chest in contrast to the claims made by the magazines. The one photo show Binita wearing a black bra and another photo shows a black garment covering the sensitive parts.

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  2. why u like that photo shoot u have no any family, relative,hit huna pane sakencha,charcha ma auna pane sakencha ramra job haru garar yasta kashilai man naparne harkat garna nei pardi na nee…

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