Charles Sobhraj married Nihita Biswas in Kathmandu

Murder convict Charles Sobhraj on Wednesday tied the knot with his 20-year-old Nepali fiancée, Nihita Biswas, on the day of Bada Dashain, greatest festival in Nepal. Nihita, 44 years younger than Charles, married in the jail where he is kept, after being sentenced to life imprisonment in July 2004.

There was no priest though the bride’s brother and mother Shakuntala Thapa turned up to show their support. Thapa, a leading lawyer, is also fighting Sobhraj’s case in Supreme Court, challenging a lower court decision that declared him guilty of the murder of an American backpacker, Connie Jo Bronzich, in 1975. (indiatimes)

Sobhraj has in the past admitting to killing several Western tourists, and is serving a life sentence for killing a Canadian tourist in Katmandu in 1975.

Agreed, love is blind and love doesn’t see the barrier of age, sex or anything. But loving and marrying a killer with approval of a lawyer mother looks a bit fishy! Many questions remain unanswered like – how could a girl fall in love with a man so famous for killing women? Or how could they fall for each other in mere few visits of 20 minutes each?

It it Charles making some plans and Nihita being used? Or is it like Charles want to settle down and Nihita want to enjoy the sudden limelight?

Well, future will surely tell the truth. In the meantime you can guess the outcome in the comment.

UPDATE:Charles Sobhraj told that he married Nihita to show his “respect for her love and protect her reputation”.

Police, who are keeping Sobhraj under surveillence, say they have no idea when he got married to Nihita.

Asked to explain the controversy surrounding the wedding, Sobhraj said: “It [marriage] is a private affair and everybody is allowed to enjoy their privacy. But the problem with them [media] is that I am Sobhraj,” said 64-year-old Sobhraj. He said the Nepali media had been unnecessarily nosy about his private affairs.

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  1. Hey Nitha are you Mad?? i think this lady totally mad n c is mom also may be they wants to get more money with Bad men Shobhraj.

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