Charles Sobhraj sentenced to life – Nihita smells foul

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The Supreme Court (SC) on Friday upheld Patan Appellate Court’s decision to convict French national Charles Gurumukh Sobhraj on the charge of murders. Sobhraj has also been convicted for possessing fake passport.

Nihita Biswas, the wife of the ‘Bikini Killer’, Charles Sobhraj, has again tried to get a wide media coverage by accusing the Supreme Court judges for corruption on the final decision to convict Sobhraj for life. Sobhraj’s lawyer and mother-in-law, Shakuntala Thapa, argued that her client was denied justice and treated unfairly.

The 66-yr old Frenchman was sent to jail after being arrested in 2003 in the charge of murdering two foreign nationals in 1975. The Kathmandu District Court convicted him of murder in 2004 when he was found guilty of killing a US national, Connie Jo Bronzich and a Canadian Armond Carriere in 1975.

Before Sobhraj moved to SC to prove himself innocent, in 2005 the Patan Appeallate Court had upheld the district court’s verdict.


Sobhraj has also spent 20 years in a prison in India and is also accused of murdering women at Pattaya in Thailand.

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