Nihita Bishwas in trouble – SC summon’s Sobhraj’s wife and mother-in-law

angry-mrs-sobraj-nihita-biswas The wife and mother-in-law of of convicted murderer Charles Sobhraj have brought themselves trouble due to the after-verdict reaction. Sakuntala Thapa, a lawyer and mother of Nihita Biswas, accused the judges of corruption while taking the decision.

In response to the Shanta Sedhain and Rajan Adhikari’s court application on Sunday, the Supreme Court (SC) of Nepal has ordered the two to be present in SC within three days, with their clarification. If they fail to appear in the court, the police might arrest them.

If convicted, Sakuntala and Nihita will face up to a years behind bars or a fine of ten thousand rupees or both.

After the court verdict last week, Nihita had accused the ‘bloody judges’ to be corrupt and the decision was not done fairly, within the Court premise and in front of a crowd of national and international journalists.

The lawyer-mother and Nihita should have been well aware of the outcome of their after-verdict reaction and I guess, they might have wanted the controversy to go on. 

Please download a 19 page booklet about Charles Sobhraj here.

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