Dasdhunga won the Merocinema Popular Award 2010

The result of the online voting for Merocinema Popular Award 2010 is announced today. Dasdhunga has become the  most popular movie of the year.

The most successful movie has become Bato Muni Ko Phool with 6 awards in different categories. Other winners are:

  • Best movie – Dasdhunga
  • Best director – Suroj Singh "Nalbo" (Bato Muni Ko Phool)
  • Best actor – Rajesh Hamal (from Desh / Swabhimaan / Didi Bhai)
  • Best actress – Rekha thapa (from Bato Muni Ko Phool/Kasle Choryo Mero Man)
  • Best musician – Mahesh Khadka (Nai Nabhannu La)
  • Best singer (male) – Dipak Limbu (Nai Nabhannu La)
  • Best singer (female) – Prakriti Giri (Bato Muni Ko Phool)
  • Best actor (supporting) – Vinaya Shrestha (First Love)
  • Best actor in comic role – Nirmal Sharma (Afno Manche Afnai Huncha)
  • Best actor in negative role – Saugat Malla (Dashdhunga)
  • Best script writer – Suroj Subba "Nalbo" (Bato Muni Ko Phool)
  • Best action director – Rajendra Khadgi (Desh/Ranasangram)
  • Best choreographer – Alok Nembang (Kohi Mero)
  • Best editor – Simosh Sunuwar(First Love)
  • Best cinematographer – Sanjay Lama (Bato Muniko Phool)
  • Best new face (male) – Yash Kumar (Bato Muni Ko Phool)
  • Best new face (Female) – Richa Sharma (First Love)

From the beginning, I was never a fan of online voting and thought it is not the best way to award somebody. But, the experiment was successful, and I congratulate Merocinema for making it a success.

I however have some reservations, and I can’t convenience myself that the award was awarded fairly. Here are some of my personal thoughts:

Best Singer

In the best playback singer – Indian idol Prashant Tamang is placed last with a mere 1.64% votes. Gorkha Paltan was a hit movie and the songs are not that bad. Prashant doesn’t deserve the vote he got in the award!

Best Cinema

The best cinema, Dashdhunga, got only two awards. That is in sharp contrast with the trend that, the most popular movie wins the most of the awards. There is no doubt that Dashdhunga is one of the top class movie. But, the result trend doesn’t follow a simple logic. The second best cinema has won only 3 awards – and they are in supporting actor, new entry, and editing category.

If these two movies don’t have best directors, best leading actors, best music, best choreography, best singers and so on…– how come they are in the top two spots? 

The third best movie has got the most awards – 6 different awards with best director, best leading actress, best script, best cinematography and it lags behind the top two which don’t have these qualities. I don’t want to talk about the other two Kohi Mero (I thought it was a flop movie) and Desh.

I am not a music fan, but I also don’t like Anju Pant placed third with only 13% votes while Prabisha Adhikari in second place with 24% and Prakriti Giri in first place with 46% votes.

I don’t have any idea on other categories, so would better remain silent on those subjects. If you, the reader, have better opinion please write in the comment.

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