Adhakatti to go to floor on March 13

The debut movie of journalist Subrat Acharya as a director, ‘Adhakatti’ has finally The movie to be produced by Pradeep Kumar Uday is a comedy movie featuring Wilson Bikram Rai, Gaurav Pahadi, Ashishma Nakarmi, Rista Basnet, Gambhir Bista and Pradeep Bastola in main role. The movie will also feature Namrata Shrestha and Gajit Bista in guest roles.

adhakatti inaguration pradeep k uday and rista

The movie is written by journalist Subash Dhakal will feature the issues of three unemployed youth. The director Acharya says that he has made the movie script out of a news report.

The music of the movie is composed by Rajan Ishan and Basanta Sapkota and choreographed by Kabiraj Gahatraj and Ghambir Bista. The movie is going to be shot in locations in Chitwan and Kathmandu, and is expected to complete in 35 days.  In a previous report, Namrata is going to be featured in an item dance in the movie. The movie was initially announced on the birthday of the producer Pradeep K Uday in 2013.

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