Democracy Video – Congratulation Anup Poudel

A worldwide video challenge organized by the US government is won by a Nepali youth, Anup Poudel of Kabhrepalanchowk.

anup-poudel Anup’s video “Democracy is Black” was selected the winner among 2,200 participants from 89 countries around the world. The 1minutes 30 second video explains the meaning of democracy.

Anup has defined democracy by using four colors to represent unity, freedom, peace and love. When the four colors are mixed together the resulting color, black, is what Anup thinks, is democracy.

Anup is doing bachelor in Oscar College of Film Studies. He had also won the first prize in a video competition organized by Asian Development Bank at Philippines on climate change.

Anup will be going to US in near future to show his winning video in various movie theaters there.

Congratulation Anup! We hope to see more of your creativity in near future.

One thought on “Democracy Video – Congratulation Anup Poudel

  1. Isn’t it ironic that America of all nation is organizing a contest on theme of “DEMOCRACY” when America for decades has been launching Rascist wars drapped with words like Democracy and Freedom on Asian, Middle Eastern and South American countries?

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