Dhurmus Suntali announce Cricket Stadium, while Binod Chaudhary inaugurates Food Park in India

What a coincidence: While Binod Chaudhary inaugurates the construction of CG Food Park (probably in India) – Dhurmus Suntali have announced the construction of Cricket stadium in Nepal. (Chaudhary’s Food Park is inagurated by an Indian minister. See embed tweet of Nirvana Chaudhary at the end of this post)

When Nepali cricket team made history by winning the temporary One Day status, the richest person in Nepal, Binod Chaudhary wrote:

Yes, he is a businessman. He saw business opportunity in that and asked the government to help him build it. That way he could earn more. He asked people to pressure government to build the stadium. And, he continues in his business as usual.

Dhurmus Suntali were busy in constructing ‘Naya Nepal’. Because of the importance of Cricket stadium, they have also decided to work on the project to help the Nepali players be competent in the international stadium. In the statement Dhurmus Sundali Foundation will only manage the construction and the government will have to take the financial burden. That is the same thing Chaudhary had asked. But, the difference might be in the business aspect. Dhurmus Suntali are probably not interested in making profit out of it.

While Dhurmus Suntali announce the construction, Chaudhary had told that he couldn’t construct the stadium after discussing with the ministers:

All these announcements and failure to do the job happened within a month of Chaudhary taking oath of office as one of the law-makers of the country and a promise to make the country a better place:

Food Park inauguration tweet – inaugurated by an Indian minister:

And, Dhurmus Suntali Foundatio announcement:

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