5 VOIP sites blocked in Nepal

VOIP BLOCKED Nepal government tried blocking explicit websites. But, till date there is no report of actual blockage of such websites. But, in a recent news, Nepal government has blocked five VOIP websites accusing them of bypassing the local telephone network. According to Nagariknews, blocked websites include nepalicalls.com, rynga.com, smartvoip.com, jumblo.com and

VOIP is the future of telecommunication. They have their share of problems but being cheap they are gaining popularity in all over the world.

Nepal Government’s action looks like – it is scared and closing it’s eyes to escape the danger. Instead of blocking the sites, the government should have made the current telephone system more competitive. Embracing the change would pay in the long run.

There are hundreds of VOIP operators and blocking five sites doesn’t mean anything. I hope the government will realize it sooner than later.