Farkera Herda – the Flash Back – another Height of plagiarism

After posters of Hifajat, Tridev, and Ghamanda, poster of the latest release of Gopi Krishna Movies, Farkera Herda has also used Photoshop to add Nepali actress Yuna Upreti’s face on a Bollywood actress’s body.

Is Yuna Upreti’s body so bad that they have to use somebody else’s body on her face?

Let’s look at the poster of the movie:

the flash back-poster

Now, compare Yuna Upreti in the poster above with the photo of Bollywood actress, Katarina Kaif below. Can you see any difference apart from the face?

In the poster, the body of one of the actress is replaced by that of a Bollywood actress, Katarina Kaif.

The designer of the poster, Ideal Press proprietor, Shundar Shrestha told that the poster was designed as requested by the producers of the movie. They wanted to make the poster glamorous to attract more viewers to the theaters. What a lame excuse!

Instead of copying somebody else’s publically available photo, the producers could have purchased (or designed) the dress for a small price and make the actress to imagine wearing it…

It is surprising how a movie featuring top directors, producers, and actors can make such a low grade poster. The movie is directed by Dayaram Dahal and produced by Uddav Poudyal. The movie features Nikhil Upreti, Aryan Sigdel, Yuna Upreti, Rejina Upreti, Jenisha KC, Neer Shah, Rabi Giri, Ramesh Budhathoki, Sushma Karki etc.

4 thoughts on “Farkera Herda – the Flash Back – another Height of plagiarism

  1. This is not fair ……………………hehehehheheheh looks funny when u copy somebody else heheheheh so funny news…

  2. u know nepali is thifer and filmer maker also thifer beoz what katrina kalf wire Yuna Upreti also wire thats not wrong Yuna Upreti but thats wrong director.

  3. भात मारा बेइजतीहरुले के के सम्म गर्न सकेको? एती निच काम हुन्छ हाम्रो फिल्म उध्योगमा

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