Poster copy, Bidhuwa poster copied from Hindi film Kaanchi poster

Poster copying is not a new thing in Nepali film industry. The movie released this Friday also has the poster photoshopped from a Subash Ghai film ‘Kaanchi’. The poster has the face of the ‘Kaanchi’ actress replaced by the face of Sonu Ghimire.

kaanchi and bidhuwa copy poster

A poster is the face of a movie and the attractiveness of a poster is directly proportional to the viewership in the movie. But, when somebody can clearly see the poster is copied from another movie, it is clear that there is no originality in the movie. Nobody would like to waste their hard-earned money in the movie made by somebody who don’t even design their own posters.

Based on the past history of copy-cat poster, there is nothing much to see in such movies and the viewers reject such movies. Dilip Rayamajhi might have realized that the movie is not going to do well in theater so he refused to participate in the promotion.  No actor would refuse to participate in a movie that is going to be successful. Now, the question remains, why did he agree to do such a movie in the first place?

Other copy-paste posters and movies:

The posters mentioned above are so severe that, concept copies like the one in the following poster of ‘Jerryy’, poster concept of ‘Miss Nepal’, Name design of the movie ‘K Yo Maya Ho‘ and that of ‘Sathi Ma Timro’ have to be considered relatively better – although they are no less than a crime.