Friday Release – Teen Ghumti, Lale, Anmol Kshan, Surya The Power

There were four new Nepali movies released in theaters in Nepal on July 1, 2016. Out of the four only one was well known movies and others were unheard of. The movie ‘Teen Ghumti’ – based on BP Koirala novels, ‘Anmok Kshan’ a production of Sikkim based Nepali, ‘Lale’ and ‘Surya The Power’. Very few viewers turned in to theatre as the climate in Kathmandu was rainy on Friday.

Teen Ghumti

The movie ‘Teen Ghumti’ is a movie made on the story of the novel by BP Koirala. The movie produced by karma Production is presented by Rakesh Adukia. The movie was inagurated by late prime minster Sushil Koirala.

The movie is about the characters of a woman in three different roles – as a wife, as a girlfriend and as a mother. The movie features the ‘Jhola’ actress Garima Pant in leading role. The movie directed by Baburam Dhakal features Dhruba Dutta and Sushant Karki with Garima.

Trailer of ‘Teen Ghumti’

Anmol Kshan

A movie produced by Sikkim resident Nepali speakers was released this week in Nepali theaters. Although the movie has won various awards, the movie wasn’t promoted in Nepal much. The social love story movie is a presentation of Radha Thaap and is produced by Kishor Dugmali Rai. The movie features Kabo Lepcha, Sneha Dugmali Rai, Anurup Rai, Sunny Lepcha in main roles.

The trailer of Anmol Kshen:


A movie set in a village setting, ‘Lale’ is a director Rishi Neupane movie. The movie featuring Surbir Pandit, Kedar Dhungana, Dinesh KC, Usha Khanal in main roles.

The movie features the cinematography of Pawan Gautam, action of Sanu Kumar Maharjan and editing of Subhash Devkota.

Trailer of ‘Lale’

Surya The Power

I don’t have much details of the movie ‘Surya The Power’.

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