Manisha Koirala and Samrat Dahal marriage (UPDATE)

This post follows Manisha Koirala’s marriage with Samrat Dahal: starting from the Swyamvar ceremony on June 19 to the wedding reception party on June 21, 2010. Some updates are linked to the posts containing photo galleries and details of the events.

The celebrity wedding ceremony is to start today at Gokarna Forest Resort in Kathmandu with Swyambar ceremony. The actual marriage will take place tomorrow (June 19, 2010) at the same resort. The reception however is going to be a grand ball in Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza in Kathmandu.

We wish Manisha Koirala and Samrat Dahal a happy marriage life, in advance. We wish you two a marriage filled with love and joy…

We will update this post with more on the marriage later… so stay tuned.


Invitees: Manisha Koirala’s wedding this Friday is all set to be a grand affair with invitees list including President, Prime Minister, Maoist chief Prachanda and former king Gyanendra.

Update 2

The Engagement (Swyambar) ceremony was held in an event held at Gokarna Resort. More photos of the event can be viewed by clicking on this link or the photo on the right.

Apart from the friends and families, some bollywood actors and actress like Dipti Nawal were present in the engagement ceremony. The marriage will be held on Saturday.

Update 3

Manisha has invited some special guests in her marriage. Dipti Nawal was a few Bollywood personalities to attended the engagement… Now, it is known that among other friends, Govinda is expected to make it for the wedding.

Unlike her marriage at Gokarna Resort, her wedding reception at Soaltee Crowne Plaza will be a grand affair. The reception will see a wider range of guest when compared to the marriage.

I didn’t know Samrat was “Sapkota” until told so (he is Dahal actually):

Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala gets engaged with Kathmandu-based businessman Samrat Sapkota amid a traditional ceremony in Kathmandu Friday, June 18 2010.

Update 4

How many boyfriends did Manisha had before this marriage? 1 ? 5? 10? …..

I have compiled a list of all the boyfriends (that were more than rumors) in a post. It really took time to compile the full list…

Update 5

Samrat will come with traditional Nepali music “Panche Baja” from his home at Maharajgunj, Kathmandu to Gokarna, Kathmandu to take Manisha with him. Some 300 guest will accompany him in the “Janti”.  After the completion of the marriage ceremony at his Maharajgunj home they will head to Siddhartha Colony in Budhanilkantha. Samrat has rented the Siddhartha Colony to celebrate their honeymoon.

In the Gokarna Jungle Resort, Manisha and her family have booked four rooms and two halls till Sunday. In the total of 65 rooms about half of the rooms are booked for the invitees of Manisha. The resort management is preparing food for 350 to 550 guests on the Saturday.

In the engagement ceremony Manisha’s father Prakash, mother Sushma, brother Siddhartha and his wife Julia, and Yamani were present. Other participant were Sujata Koirala’s daughter Menaka Jost and her husband Rubel Chaudhari, her uncles Sekhar Koirala, Shreeharsa, and Sasanka were also present in the ceremony.

After the marriage on Saturday, Manisha’s wedding reception at Soaltee Crowne Plaza will see more than 1000 guests. There will be another wedding reception by Samrat and his family in Everest Hotel in Baneshowr.

Vivek Mushran and his wife, Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja, designer Aana Singh arrived from India to participate in the engagement ceremony. In today’s wedding more Bollywood personalities will be present. Some of the main invitees are – Govinda, Rani Mukerji, Urmila Matondkar, and Jackie Shroff.

Update 6

Manisha Fainted in the marriage. Marriage photos posted here.

The marriage ceremony was held in Gokarna and it went well among close family members and friends of Manisha and Samrat.

The program was supposed to start at 9 AM but it was already 11AM when the marriage program finally started when Samrat Dahal arrived with his ‘Janti’. The marriage was performed in the traditional Nepali culture.

Noted participants in the marriage were Jackie Shroff, Gulsan Grover, Dipti Nawal, Suman Ranganathan, Aana Singh, and film producer Bobby.

Manisha got tired in the four hours long ceremony and fainted at one point. The marriage was paused for some time and Manisha was told to rest for some time. The program continued after some time.

Update 7

Actress Rani Mukharji has arrived in Kathmandu to participate in the wedding reception.

Update 8

Wedding Reception Party of Manisha Koirala was held at Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Kathamndu. Among others, Maoist Chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ attended the party. Photos of Prachanda in the party and other news is posted in the page li

Update 9

The wedding reception party was very crowded with top Nepali leaders, film personalities, businessmen, and well known persons in various other fields. Bollywood actor Jackie dressed in Nepali dress in the party. Photos and details of the participants are posted here.

Update 10 (Last Update)

This post has spanned 4 days and I would like to stop updating it. On the third day of marriage Manisha and Samrat were seen in Maiti Nepal feeding the girls and ladies in the organization. They were offered flower garlands there (see photo below). Updates on Samrat’s weeding reception party (if any) will be posted in a new post. (Photo credits – Narendra Shrestha)

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