Is Nikhil Upreti is being the victim of the tussle between two wives Sachita and Kopila?

I prepared a video about Nikhil Upreti wising Valentine Day wishes to one of his two wives and ignoring another. I was surprised by the way he treaded one to another when the photos of the status of Nikhil Upreti and Kopila Upreti were published in Nepal Samacharpatra – a National Daily.

I don’t use Facebook much these days. I only visit it when I need to investigate something. I did proper check on Nikhil’s account. It looked genuine for the following reasons:

  • Nepal Samacharpatra had published a photo from the account. (I assumed they were responsible media.)
  • In an interview Nikhil had admitted that he didn’t have a Facebook account and he was planning to open a new account. And, that was a new account. Less than a month old.
  • I checked the list of the friends in the account. Most of them were well known personalities in the film industry. I expected they won’t be-friend a fake account.
  • Based on her past posts and interactions, it was clear that Kopila Upreti’s account was not a fake account. Nikhil’s account had mentioned Kopila in many of the posts. So, I assumed it wasn’t a fake account.

Fake Account of Nikhil Upreti?

Now, I have different opinion. The account seems to be a fake one but, created by somebody close to Nikhil himself and probably close to Kopila Upreti. That might be the reason it was more sympathetic to Koipla and didn’t even consider the existence of Sanchita Luitel and her children.  The following are the reasons I reached to this conclusion?

  • The photo mentioning Nikhil was missing Kopila Upreti – with photo of the three of them Kopila, Nikhil and their son in a heart shaped figure is deleted now.
  • In a latest post, in the account is that of the poster of the movie ‘King’ with Nikhil on the left side and their son Braim on the right with the caption – “Nikhil G and pyaro chhora brabim …!!!”
  • Kopila Upreti is tagged in the photo too.

Nobody address self with a “G” at the end. And the photo has Kopila tagged in it. That means, the account is being operated by Kopila herself or somebody close to her.

On the other hand, there is no mention of Nikhil in Sanchita’s account. I tried finding any other account of Nikhil Upreti. But, there is none.

(This video needs to be revisited now.)

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