Do you know Nikhil Upreti and Sanchita Luitel children?

It might sound like a puzzle, but it is not:

Nikhil Upreti has three children. But his wife, Sanchita Luitel has only two children. Who is the third?

Well, Nikhil has two wives. Although he is still married to both of them, he is seen mostly with Sanchita and his children with her. The eldest son, from his first wife, seem to be left out. I made this conclusion based on the review of the Facebook profiles of Sanchita Luitel and Kopila Upreti. While Sanchita is sharing photos of Nikhil with his children in her profile, Kopila doesn’t share photos of Nikhil with his son. As Nikhil doesn’t have a Facebook account, his wives are the sources of his information.

Sanchita Luitel’s marriages

Beautiful actress Sanchita Luitel was still in her teens when she decided to get married. The first marriage, with Aakash Shah didn’t go well from the beginning. The families were not happy by the marriage. After a short while they decided to separate and divorced.

After that, while Aakash remain a struggling artist in the film industry, Sanchita progressed well ahead in the industry. Because of her beauty and acting skills she was in high demand. But, things didn’t go as planned. She fell in love with Nikhil Upreti. Nikhil was already married and had a 6 months old son with his first wife. But, they were in such a deep love that, they sacrificed their acting career in its peak to run away and get married in India. That was one of the most dramatic love affair in the Nepali film industry.

Sanchita returned back to Nepal after she got pregnant. Nikhil stayed in Mumbai to get an opportunity in Bollywood. It however wasn’t easy for him to get in Bollywood. He instead decided to make a comeback in the film industry as a director. Nikhil’s comeback movie ‘Bhairav’ became successful.

Nikhil has two children with Sanchita – Sanvi Upreti and Atharva Upreti. Here is a video report about the children of Nikhil and Sanchita:

Sanchita love to pamper her children. She regularly shares photos of her children in different poses and dresses. By the way she is growing them, it seems they are going to be artists in future. Their six-years-old son, Atharva also plays guitar.

Sanchita gave birth to a daughter (2012)

Sanchita gave birth to a son (2011) That was on Krishna Janmastami.

While Nikhil celebrates events with Sanchita, his first wife Kopila and her son don’t seem to be meeting Nikhil much.

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