Is that a NO to free promotion? Priyanka Karki went India to meet Ayushman

Priyanka Karki’s next movie ‘Fateko Jutta’ is releasing this week. But, instead of promoting the movie she has gone to India to be with her boyfriend.

There are a few facts about Nepali film artists and the films before I enter into topic:

  • Every artists wants their film to succeed.
  • Most of the artists are paid to act/work in the film.
  • Every artists set aside time for the shooting according to scheduled.

But, when it comes to promotion:

  • Some artists don’t set aside any time for the promotion and have schedule clashes.
  • Some make lame excuses of being busy or sick.
  • Some don’t respond to producers’ phone and invitation to promotional events.

Why what that? I think, there are at least two reasons the artists are not eager to go in the promotion of the movie. One – they are convinced that the movie will be successful and two – they are not paid for the time they spend for the promotion.

Let me evaluate why artists are not present in the promotion of the movies:

  • The artists think, the time spent is not worthy to be spent for the movie.
  • The producer think, the artists are not necessary for the promotion.
  • They are doing the promotion formality just because other producers are doing it.

Nobody is obliged to spend time in a program they are not interested. Only because the artists are paid for acting in the movie, they are not obliged to be present in the promotion event. If they were paid for the time they spend for the promotion, nobody would have missed it.

This type of complaints are a very good feedback for the viewers. If an artist misses the promotion event, for whatever reason, the film is not worth spending time in the theatre. If the artist is not convinced that it is a good movie, nobody should watch it.

Case Studies

‘Sayaad 2’ – No artists went to the promotion of the movie. Sunil Rawal had an incident with the actress, Sharon Shrestha, and she complained of sexual harassment against the producer. The film flopped.

‘Laati’ – The actress and the director didn’t participate in the promotion of the movie. There were news about them not being available for the promotion. The film flopped.

‘King’ – Nikhil Upreti didn’t participate in the publicity of the movie. The movie also flopped.

‘Ghampani’ – Both Keki Adhikari and Dayahang Rai didn’t go to the promotion of the movie. The movie however was successful among the viewers. It seems, the artists had miscalculated in the movie. This was confirmed in an interview in which Keki later told that she hadn’t expected the movie to be successful. Watch Keki’s statement at 1:38 in the following video:

Rekha Thapa doesn’t go to the publicity of the movies produced by the banners other than her own banner. And, most of those movies fail to get the viewers.

Conclusion – If the artists don’t support in the publicity of the movie, it is clear that the producers are not paying the artists. And, the artist is almost certain the film is not going to be successful and is not worth wasting time in the promotion.

Whatever might be the case, I don’t want to talk about the fate of ‘Fateko Jutta’. If you have any prediction please write in the comment.

A video report about ‘Sayaad 2’ case:

Examples of previous news reports:

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