Too cheap; What is the rate of a Nepali actress?

Nepali actresses come very cheap when compared to their male counterparts. The actress Rekha Thapa, who claims to be equivalent to a male actress, and always works in female-centric movies, is paid less than most of the male actors. Rekha’s rate is Rs. 5 lakh. Actor Anmol KC is paid about five times that amount. Another actor Pradeep Khadka is also paid more than four times that amount. In Rekha’s last movie, she also paid her co-star, Aryan Sigdel, 3 times the amount she expects others to pay her.

Is it a female dominance or a discrimination? Are the actresses not demanding their worth?

First let’s see who is paid what amount watch the video report:

List of the pay rate of Nepali actors:

  • Anmol KC – 25 lakh for ‘Kri’ (Anmol’s father, Bhuwan KC is co-producer of the movie)
  • Pradeep Khadka – 23 Lakh for ‘Lilibili’
  • Aryan Sigdel – 15 Lakh for ‘Rudrapriya’
  • Dayahang Rai – 15 Lakh for ‘Mr. Jholey’
  • Saugat Malla – 9 Lakh for ‘Mero Paisa Khoi’
  • Paul Shah – 8 Lakh for ‘Shatru Gate’
  • Nikhil Upreti – 6 Lakh for ‘Sanrakshan’

The well known actors Bhuwan KC and Rajesh Hamal both reportedly demand Rs. 6 Lakh for a movie.

List of pay rate of Nepali actresses:

  • Samragyee RL Shah – Rs. 5 Lakh for ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ (Demand was 8 Lakh)
  • Namrata Shrestha – Rs. 5 Lakh for ‘Parva’
  • Rekah Thapa – Rs. 5 Lakh in ‘Hero Returns’
  • Pooja Sharma – Rs. 6.50 Lakh for ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu’ (But, she was also one of the producer of the movie.)
  •  Priyanka Karki – Rs. 4 Lakh for ‘Shatru Gate’
  • Aanchal Sharma – Rs. 3.2 Lakh in ‘Black’
  • Keki Adhikari – Rs. 3 Lakh in ‘Ghampani’, ‘Love Sasa’, ‘Aishwarya’ each.
  • Aashima Nakarmi – Rs. 2.5 Lakh in upcoming ‘Mela’
  • Swastima Khadka – Rs. 3 Lakh in ‘Chhakka Panja 2’ and ‘Love Love Love’ each
  • Shilpa Pokharel – Rs. 3.5 Lakh in ‘Mangalam’ (She is also co-producer of the movie)
  • Barsha Siwakoti – Rs. 3.5 Lakh in ‘Karkhana’

When compared between the two, actresses are paid less than the actors.


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