It is time for Shilpa and Chhabi marriage rumours again – Mangalam shooting completes

The shooting of the movie produced jointly by Chhabi Raj Ojha and Shilpa Pokharel ‘Mangalam’ has finished. The shooting was packed up two days earlier than previously scheduled. According to the report, the movie was scheduled to complete in 35 days but it was finished in 33rd days.

The movie ‘Mangalam’ features the romance of Shilpa Pokharel and Prithivi Raj Prasai. Actress Samragyee RL Shah is also featured in as an actress in the movie. The debut movie of the actress Shilpa Pokharel, as a producer, is scheduled to release on Dashain of this year.

Marriage rumour between Chhabi and Shilpa

During the release of Shilpa Pokharel’s debut movie, Chhabi intentionally created a rumour about their marriage. In a program by Prakash Subedi, Chhabi and Shilpa admitted that they were going to marry soon. Later, in an interview, Shilpa told, “That was a very good strategy. Many viewers went to see the movie to see Chhabi’s girlfriend.”

Chhabi told, “The rumour was created only for the promotion of the movie.”

During the release of Shilpa’s third movie from Chhabi’s banner – ‘Kismat 2’, similar rumour was created. Chhabi and Shilpa talked about that separately and tried to blame the media on creating the rumour. But, after the release of the movie, Chhabi admitted that the marriage is into making and he is waiting for the time the astrologer had given them.

It seems, they are going use the same rumour for the promotion of their fourth movie together – ‘Mangalam’. A real marriage between the two is also possible.

Whatever might be the case, it is almost certain that the marriage or the rumour is going to be used again for the promotion of Chhabi’s next release this Dashain!

1. First rumour – in 2014

2. Chhabi formally divorced Rekha Thapa – in 2016

3. Marriage rumour in full swing (exactly two years after the first rumour)

4. Chhabi confirmed the marriage

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