‘Mero Katha’ released in Western Nepal

A movie made on the story of Badi community, ‘Mero Katha’ was released on the Mid-Western and Far-Western parts of Nepal on March 29. All the actors in ‘Mero Katha’ are new faces in movie industry and two well known actors – Aayush Rijal and Poojana Pradhan are also featured in guest roles (Previous post on Poojana’s role in Mero Katha).

The producer, Rabindra Baral, said that the movie is doing very well in the local theaters. The local Badi community are very excited to see their own life style in the movie.

The movie made on the direction of Dev Kumar Nepal and produced by Rabindra Baral, is based on real incident in Badi community. The movie is made on the banner of Vision Nepal. The movie is expected to be released in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal in near future.

It is estimated that Badi community population is about 40,000 to 70,000 and are considered the lowest ranking untouchable caste in Western Nepal. Badi women are forced to prostitution and although higher cast people are not socially allowed to accept food or water from Badi people, higher caste males are allowed to have sex with Badi prostitute.

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