Miss Mangol in March 20, 2010

miss_mangol_2009To help bringing out the talents in the young ladies of ethnic communities in Nepal, Miss Mangol will be held on March 20, 2010.

The audition round will start on 13th of February. Action International, the organizer, has called 16 – 25 years old unmarried ladies from Mangol communities to participate in the event.

After sucessful organization of the first Miss Mangol last year, this is the second time the beauty contest is being held in Kathmandu. The first Miss Mangol, Shristi Rajkarnikar, was present at the announcement ceremony held in Kathmandu.

With so many beauty contests being held, it is proven that the only sector we Nepali are doing progress is in organizing beauty contests. I am not against such contests, but, I only wish similar trends could be seen in development, socio-cultural harmony, peace, and prosperity in Nepal. (photo credit:nagariknews)

One thought on “Miss Mangol in March 20, 2010

  1. Yupp attended this function.. and I tell ya the beauty contests are going nowhere. It is one of the methods of earning money with sponsors competing to award the gals with funny titles.. Best hair, best smile, best this, best that.. name it and they’ve got it. I don’t think such pageants do any justice to girls. First of all, I don’t think the girls were trained well. They looked lost and weren’t very confident in what they were doing. 40 Girls competing for ONE TITLE.. now that’ll be one serious Cat fight.. What else? Oh yes, and there were the judges who’d time and again ask the same questions. What can you contribute to the society as a woman? Who is your ideal woman and how can you make a difference. The answers for sure will be carved in their heads.. IN the backstage I heard girls saying.. oh they asked out of context question to one of the contestants and so on..
    Oh before I forget to mention, one of the judges denied to question the contestants in English. He insisted they stick to Nepali Language when his question carried such big words of Nepali. Welll.. Hello dude you are questioning people from Mongol tribe.. They of course are weak in Nepali.. Ask them in their mother tongue if you can..
    The crowd was noisy making the contestants feel worse. People commented on their make-up, height, clothes, you name it and they did it. It was just a pathetic show over all.
    I previously attended Miss Mongol Kids and if you are not surprised to know this, they had almost the same panel of judges and the same performances.. It was like a repeat telecast with grown up ladies this time around..
    Gosh, and the contestants get to have nothing but real juice.. Does lot of justice to their hard work. The makeup artist were horrible. They had no idea what they were doing.
    I hope the next time they organize such events it rather be about boosting confidence in these ladies rather than collecting money from the sponsors.

    Good Luck!

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