Miss Nepal Makeup Kanda & Samriddhi Rai, height of hypocrisy

This is a followup post on the statement of Samriddhi Rai towards the Miss Nepal beauty contest. Although she was one of the contestants of Miss Nepal 2010, and she managed to be one of the top 5, she couldn’t win any titles.

Now, she says she regrets her participation at that time. Other’s however don’t buy to her argument. There are a lot of comments in the following video about Samraddhi’s statement. Most of them are negative towards Samriddhi:

This comment is that of Pragya

Height of hypocrisy! If beauty pageants are/were so much fake n she really now has gained her so called enlightenment, will samridhi rai stop wearing heels ? Will she start going out everyday without make ups? Will she stop flaunting herself in designer dresses,accessories n gifts that she gets for being recognised as a beauty pagent winner/model etc? So she had to wait for this controversy to speak her heart out?
I don’t understand at all…ajja so called celebrities making comments on this issue..nikita chandak went for audition without make up re..shrinkhala posts pic saying no make up is beautiful re..haude haru. All are attention seekers ..learning from Rachana gurung at one time and now isolating her. Just taking chances.
Testai ho vane let them come out everyday off their home make up free?
I am not saying Rachana Gurung is right. She is totally rude..but the way other celebrities are now indirectly digging out on her..Its really funny and nonsense!

And she wrote more, “I saw your post first on Kmag’s share… Somebody recommended me to share my opinion here on your original post and doing so.. did not edit it as a direct reply…guess it wont make difference!”

Rajiv Shahi responds – ” Pragyaa Raut Shrinkhala ko hijo ko story hereko bhaye tha hunthyo tapai lai, she was not dissing anyone. Little knowledge is dangerous. You are so in the wrong about her. I cant put it into exact words what she had said but to sum it all up, she was saying that Rachana was an excellent trainer and thats how she judges; meaning tough love.”

Samriddhi responded, “Pragyaa Raut you must be quite lovely at parties.”

In video comment, Amir Lama says, “She said so as she did not win the crown. We often squander much time on voting, sharing and supporting on beauty contest yet we have not really conceded the notion that such competitions are merely profit making businesses. Be it a miss nepal, miss universe or any beauty pageants. It was evident from recent miss world as well.. I do not care it anymore..”

Another viewers says, “Yeah, agreed with jenisha moktan. Samridhi rai didn’t win miss Nepal 2010. Now she is criticizing and blaming her own platform where she has come from. Miss Nepal 2010 made you famous. No one knew you before. So, You should learn everything according to time. This globalized world is very competitive and glamorous.”

Another by Bantawa – “Samridhhi Rai ko kura sunera ‘Kancho Angoor’ (Sour Grapes) katha ko po yaad ayo hau.”

Niki Shrestha says, “Conservative mind lady. You don’t know what is the meaning of female ? You learn to miss universe susmita sen and miss world aishwarya rai . female can do everything . nothing is impossible but don’t judgment like that to female. Every year I watch miss Nepal on TV . before and now totally changed that’ s why female need good education. Female and male both are not complete without education. Education, confidence, good looking, politeness, smile face is every sectors needs not only miss Nepal.”

Another comment – “Beauty pagent fake pani vanne ani Miss Teen 2006, Miss Nepal 2010, Miss Tourism Queen International 2011 ani Miss Tourism Queen asia 2013 ma contestant huna jane? … ”

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