Namrata celebrated her 25th birthday

cherry-on-top_namrata_white_t Model/actress Namrata Shrestha wants to do some social activities on the occasion of her birthday. This is her 25th birthday. Actually, it was on Tuesday but she planned to celebrate it formally only on Wednesday.

"I will spend some time in an Aashram (holy shrine). Then, I will celebrate it with my friends in my own way", she said.

From the very early morning on Tuesday her friends and fans had sent her various birthday messages. "I guess, I received more than fifty messages ",she said. She also threw a small party on that day.

Now, she is going to celebrate it full-fledge on Wednesday, with her busy friends who could not make it on Tuesday.

Namrata says that , she has been celebrating her birthday since the age of seven. When comparing those birthdays, she thinks, her 21st birthday was special one. She says, that was the really unforgettable birthday for her. "On that day, I wasn’t aware of my own birthday. I was sleeping when my friends came to wish birthday wishes",she said.

"People have their own way how of celebrating birthdays. I prefer to celebrate in a simple way," she said. Because of the busy schedules, she used to celebrate her birthdays in hurry in previous years. But, this year, she is in leisure and has a lot of time to spare and enjoy it.

Happy birthday Namrata! Many happy returns of the day!

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