Happy Birthday Namrata Shrestha, one of the top actresses of Nepal

It is the birthday of Namrata Shrestha – the top actress of Nepali film industry. Last year, Namrata’s movie ‘Classic’ won her all the Best Actress awards. This year, Namrata’s movie ‘Parva’ was released. Although the movie wasn’t as successful as ‘Classic’ or ‘November Rain’, the movie’s result was as expected by the producers. The thriller movie wasn’t expected to do an exceptional business.

Namrata is one of the Top 10 actresses on the views of the film directors:

She is also one of the top 10 attractive women in Nepal – (According to Saptahik poll)

She is also one of the top 10 Nepali celebrities in social media. Video report:

Apart from acting, Namrata had also produced a movie titled ‘Soul Sister’. The thriller movie however wasn’t successful. She had also sung a song in the movie.

Namrata with Jesica in ‘Parva’ event. Video report:

Who is Namrata Shrestha?

Namrata started acting when she was in grade one. She did a movie titled ‘Sangini’.

As an adult, Namrata debuted in ‘Sano Sansar’. After that, almost all of her movies are successful with some exceptions like her own production ‘Soul Sister’, ‘Homework’ etc. Namrata doesn’t do too many movies but, she is known to justify the role. Namarata had been a victim of a scandal. These days she has overcome the controversy and is very active in the film industry.

In addition to acting, Namrata also runs a restaurant in partnership with her friends.

Happy Birthday Namrata Shrestha. I wish you a very productive in the coming year, all the best.

Namrata’s films:

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