Nepali Movie – Chhesko

Nepali Movie – Chhesko
Starring – Archana Paneru, Rajan Karki, Karan Shrestha Crazy
Director – Suresh Thapa

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Credit – Highlights Nepal

About ‘Chhesko’

The debut movie of actress Archana Paneru, ‘Chhesko’ is made in the story of drug abuse and adultery. The movie was made and was ready to release last year. But, the earthquake of 2015 caused the movie to be delayed. Archana Paneru was recently added in the movie and she was used as the main actress in the promotional materials. The movie is a presentation of SP Movie makers, presented by Durga Bista.

The movie was released in theatre on this Friday, on June 3, 2016.

Star Cast of ‘Chhesko’

The controversial actress Archana Paneru debuted in the movie. Archana is known for creating a sensation when her mother took and shared the objectionable photos of the daughter. Archana wasnted to be an actress like Sunny Leone and is planning to go to Thailand to act in adult films. She was arrested and had gone through various controversies in regards to her relationships.

The director Suresh Thapa is featured as Darsane in ‘Meri Bassai’ comedy serial. In addition to the new entry in the Nepali film industry Rajan Karki, well known film distributor and producer Karan Shrestha Crazy is also featured in main role in the movie.

‘Chhesko’ poster:

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