Friday Release – Kalo Pothi and Chhesko

Two new Nepali movies ‘Kalo Pothi’ and ‘Chhesko’ have released in theater on June 3, 2016. The moves are targeted to different types of viewers. ‘Chhesko’ introduces Archana Paneru in Nepali movie industry and is targeted to the viewers who are looking for glamour in the movies. In the other hand ‘Kalo Pothi’ is targeted to the serious viewers who want quality story and story presentation.

friday release chhesko and kalo pothi

Kalo Pothi

The movie ‘Kalo Pothi’ is an award winning movie that had participated in a lot of film festivals and had won various awards. Starting with the script (script had won Rs. 5.5 million) the movie was selected in various prestigious film festivals including Busan Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. It had also won the Critics Week Award in Venice Film Festival.

‘Kalo Pothi’ is directed by Min Bahadur Bham and features Sukra Raj Rokya, Khadka Raj Nepali, Jit Bahadur Malla, Hansha Khadka, Benisha Hamal, Bipin Karki and others. The script of the movie is written by Abinash Bikram Shah and Min Bahadur Bham.

The trailer of ‘Kalo Pothi’


The movie made on the story of rape, drug abuse and crime, ‘Chhesko’ introduces Archana Paneru to the Nepali film industry. Although the movie was ready to release last year, Archana was recently added in the story. After the introduction of Archana the original actresses of the movie Poojana Pradhan and Pabitra Acharya were totally ignored in the promotion of the movie. They had publicly protested the entry of Archana in the movie.

The movie ‘Chhesko’ is directed by Suresh Thapa. Suresh Thapa is featured as Darsane in ‘Meri Bassai’ comedy serial. By the mode of the promotion, the film makers are betting more on Archana Paneru than the story or presentation of the movie. The movie features Rajan Karki and producer Karan Shrestha Crazy in main roles.

The trailer of ‘Chhesko’

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