Nepali Movie – Logne Manchhe

Nepali Movie – Logne Manchhe
StarringDilip Rayamajhi, Nandita KC etc.
Director - Laya Sangraula

About ‘Logne Manchhe’

The Nepali love story movie by Laya Sangraula, is a popular television serial director. The movie ‘Logne Manchhe’ marks the debut of Sangraula in the Nepali movie industry. The movie is a female oriented film that tells the story of the relationship in a married life.

The movie received an ‘U’ certeficate – suitable for every type of audience. The movie ‘Logne Manchhe’ was released in February 2015.

Watch ‘Logne Manchhe’ full movie here:

Star Cast of ‘Logne Manchhe’

The well known actor Dilip Raymajhi is featured opposite to another well known actress Nandita KC in the movie. The movie released in 2015 is one of the last movies of Dilip Rayamajhi. Later in the year, Dilip left Nepal to permanently live in the USA.

Nandita KC has also gone to the USA and most probably will not return back.

Biography of Dilip Rayamajhi and the list of movies featuring Dilip Rayamajhi:

Poster of ‘Logne Manchhe’


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