Nepali Movie – Madhumas

Nepali Movie – Madhumas
Starring – Aryan Sigdel, Pooja Sharma, Manoj RC, Shivangini Rana etc.
Director – Sudarshan Thapa

Nepali movie released on October 25, 2013, ‘Madhumas’ is produced by the director Sudarshan Thapa with Baburam Dahal.  I had previously written a pre-release review of ‘Madhumash’ but couldn’t do the full review at the time of it’s release. For the promotion of the movie, the actor Aryan Sigdel was also featured in comedy serial ‘Tito Satya’. The love story movie was nominated in a number of awards including NFDC Award and Kamana Film Awards.

Watch the full movie in a single part;

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Ramesh B Thapa is named the executive producer of the movie. The screenplay is prepared by Dinesh Neupane and Abhinas Bikram Shah, camera by Deepak Bajracharya, editing by Raju Dhungana, music by Suresh Adhikari, action by Himal KC and choreography by Renasha Rai.  The costume of the mvoie is designed by Poonam Gautam, graphics is taken cared of by Kamal Shrestha and the background music is composed by Mohit Munal.

Star Cast of ‘Madhumas’

Aryan Sigdel – Aryan is the one of the busiest actors of the current time. Read the biography of Aryan and the list of his movies in the following link:

Pooja Sharma – Actress Pooja Sharma is a new actress with a lot of potential. Pooja’s movie ‘Prem Geet’ was recently released. Pooja’s affair with the director Sudarshan Thapa is being talked in the film industry although both Pooja and Sudarshan reject such affair. It is to be noted that Pooja is the actress of choice of Sudarshan in his movies these days.

Madhumas poster

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