Nepali Movie – Mrigatrishna

Nepali Movie – Mrigatrishna
StarringBiraj Bhatt, Nandita KC, Karma Shakya, Hemanta Budhathoki, Bharati Gazmer (Ghimire), Dhruba Dutta etc.
DirectorTulsi Ghimire

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‘Mrigatrishna’ Details

Nepali movie ‘Mrigatrishna’ is a superhit movie by noted director Tulsi Ghimire featuring Biraj Bhatt, Nandita KC, Karma etc. The movie is a presentation of Sai Gayatri Films. It features the choreography of Kamal Rai and Dinesh Adhikari, the music is composed by Sambhujit Baskota, editing and assistant direction by Bharati Ghimire, action by Roshan Shrestha, and cinematography by Shiva Dhakal. In addition to directing the movie Tulsi Ghimire has also written the story, script, dialogue and the lyrics of the movie.

‘Mrigatrishna’ Star Cast

The movie is directed by well known director, Tulsi Ghimire. Tulsi is one of the most successful directors of Nepali film industry. In addition to directing movies, he has done almost everything in movies including writing, directing, acting and other background works.

The movie features the action star of Nepali movie industry who has also made it big in the Bhojpuri movie industry – Biraj Bhatt. Biraj is making a comeback after 5 years of absence in upcoming movie ‘Parshuram’. Actress Nandita KC is also well known actress. Karma Shakya has also established himself as a credible actor in the film industry. Dhruba Dutta is also featured in leading roles in a number of other movies.

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