Nepali Movie – Sadanga

Nepali Movie – Sadanga
StarringSaugat Malla, Priyanka Karki, Sauram Raj Tuladhar, A Gurung, Anup Baral, Bijaya Lama, Harshika Shrestha,  etc.
Director – Suraj Sunuwar

The Nepali movie ‘Sadanga’ was released in March of 2015.The movie is a presentation of Luminous Pictures banner.  The movie is made on a gangster story in which the role of actor Saugat Malla was appreciated by everybody. The movie is produced by Samir Sunuwar and written by the director Suraj Sunuwar. Actress Harshika is featured in a special appearance role.

Watch full movie in a single part:

Video credit – Budha Subba Music

Star Cast:

Saugat Malla – The actor with theater background, Saugat was very much appreciated in ‘Sadanga’. Saugat’s movie ‘Fanko’ is releasing in theater today (January 15, 2016).

Priyanka Karki – Actress Priyanka is featured in a glamour role in the movie and her role is appreciated by the viewers. The US-return actress is currently one of the busiest and the most glamorous actress in Nepali film industry. Miss Teen of 2005, Priyanka had studied in the USA and returned back to pursue acting career in Nepal. She has also released a couple of music videos on her voice.

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