Nikhil Upreti featured as a don in upcoming movie Lootera

The role of actor Nikhil Upreti in the movie on floor, ‘Lootera’ is that of a don. The getup seen in the shooting photos is different from his roles in other movies. Nikhil has made sure that the style and getup of ‘Lootera’ doesn’t match to that of his upcoming release ‘Bhairav’.

lootera crew at the location (3)

‘Lootera’ is being jointly produced by Basanta Kumar Shrestha and Gopal kayastha. With Nikhil artists Nisha Adhikari, Harshika Shrestha and Sabin Shrestha are also featured in leading roles in the movie. After the completion of the shooting of the movie in Kathamndu in a few days, the film crew is moving to Birgunj for the remaining shooting.

Nikhil had been absent in the Nepali films after running away with actress Sanchita Luitel. In that time Nikhil and Sanchita have become parents of two children. When Nikhil’s attempt to act in Bollywood movie couldn’t become a reality, Nikhil has returned back to the Nepali film industry as a producer and actor of upcoming movie ‘Bhairav’.

Nikhil Upreti and Rekha Thapa

The initial report that Rekha Thapa will be featured in the movie proved to be wrong during the inauguration of the movie earlier this month. Rekha and Nikhil are not in good terms and are not featured together in any movies in the last 9 years. Nikhil’s attempt to make Rekha an item girl in his movie ‘Bhairav’ has also failed.

Nikhil and Rekha had been hit couple in movies like ‘Ae Pandit Baje’ (watch Ae Pandit Baje), ‘Dhadkan’ (watch ‘Dhadkan’), ‘Nikhil Dai’, ‘Pale Dai’ (watch Pale Dai), Karmayoddha, Barmala (watch Barmala), Hami Teen Bhai (watch ‘Hami Teen Bhai’) and Dobato (watch ‘Dobato’), ‘Krodh’ (watch ‘Krodh’), and ‘Duniya’.

Photo credit – Harshika Shrestha and Nisha Adhikari

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