Priyanka Karki lost passport and misses her Australia program

Actress Priyanka Karki was scheduled to participate in Mr. and Miss Nepal Australia but, she couldn’t go there when she lost her bag with her passport in it in Malaysia. Priyanka Karki was invited as the chief guest in the beauty contest. Priyanka’s plan was to fly to Australia from Malaysia.

priyanka karki dysney kiss

In another report, Priyanka has told that she missed the flight to Australia because of the accident of the Malaysian airlines over Ukraine. The Malaysia Airline civilian Flight MH 17 met with a crash on July 17. She had told that she received a temporary passport at the Nepali Embassy in Malaysia after she lost the original.

The contest in Australia selected Aarzoo Karki the Miss Nepal Australia 2014 and Anupam Kiran the Mr Nepal Australia 2014 on July 19.

Priyanka who otherwise writes everything in her Facebook, has mysteriously remained silent on this issue.

priyanka karki on way to Australia

In the mean time, Priyanka’s Facebook page has been verified. She is one of the few Nepali celebrities whose Facebook page have been verified.

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