Sanchita Luitel and Priyanka Karki to dance in a cultural program in Malaysia

While other artists are participating in NEFTA Film Awards in Malaysia, actors including Jiwan Luitel, Jogindar Sharma, actress Priyanka Karki, Sanchita Luitel and singers Sugam Pokharel and Muna Thapa Magar are conducting a cultural program in a separate event. The Ncell sponsored event is organized to promote the Ncell SIM being offered to Nepali living in the country.

This is probably the first time actress Sanchita Luitel has participated after she gave birth to a son and a daughter. Sanchita has gained a lot of weight after childbirth and is working hard to slim down.

priyanka Karki and sanchita luitel

Photo credit – Priyanka Karki

The cultural program will be held in three different locations on January 31, Feburay 1 and February 2. The cultural program jointly organized by Merchantrade and Ncell runs for three hours starting at 2 PM on each day.

In addition to the cultural program the viewers will also be able to win prizes. The entry to the program is free on buying a 10RM Ncell recharge card.

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