Australia rights of Woda No. 6 sold for Rs. 1.5 million

The producers of their upcoming movie ‘Woda No. 6’, actor Deepak Raj Giri and actress Deepa Shree Niraula are currently in Australia to participate in cultural events. During the stage show program, they have also managed to do business deals for the movie. Deepa and Deepak have told that they have made an agreement with Khilendra Timilsina to show the movie in Australia.

WODA NO 6 shooting - deepak raj giri and priyanka karki

The agreement to show the movie in Australia is valued at Rs. 1.5 million. In similar earlier agreement, the production team had sold the out-of-Kathmandu rights of the movie to FD Company for a minimum of Rs. 3.5 million. The movie currently in post-production is expected to follow the hit previous movie by the same production team, ‘Chha Ekan Chha’ (watch ‘Chha Ekan Chha’ here).

‘Woda No. 6’ repeats most of the cast and crew of ‘Chha Ekan Chha‘. The director of ‘Chha Ekan Chha’ is replaced by Ujjawal Ghimire and actress Neeta Dhungana is replaced by Priyanka Karki. The movie written by Abhimanyu Nirabi tell the story during the time of Maoist civil war. The movie features Deepak Raj Giri, Kedar Ghimire, Sitaram Kattel, Dayahang Rai, Priyanka Karki, Nir Shah, Deepa Shree Niraula and others. 

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