Priyanka Karki, the choreographer and an item girl in Punte Parade

In addition to being a good actress, Priyanka Karki is also a good dancer. In an upcoming movie ‘Punte Parade’ she is going to choreograph a song that features herself in a part and the item girl Sabbu Balami.

Punte Parade priyanka karki

The shooting of the item song was done in Babylon Dance Bar. While the item girl dances, the actor Samyam Puri imagines Sabbu to be Priyanka and he starts dancing with Priyanka.

Shooting video (Priyanka’s part):

In the movie, Priyanka’s character is the teacher of Samyam. Samyam likes his teacher and sees Priyanka in the item girl Sabbu.

priyanka karki and samyam puri - punte pared

Priyanka says that choreography is not her profession but it’s her passion. Priyanka had recently choreographed another item song in ‘Hasiya’. In addition to that, she had also choreographed some more songs in previous movies.

The shooting of ‘Punte Parade’ is in it’s last stage. The movie produced by Hari Mahat features Priyanka Karki, Samyam Puri, Anjila Dahal, Nattu Shah, Rabindra Khadka, Geeta Adhikari, Sweta Thapa and others. The movie is directed by Subash Koirala.

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