Priyanka Karki vehicle purchase, rumor and response

Actress Priyanka Karki had purchased and proudly showed-off, a vehicle, by her own showbiz income. Buying a vehicle by one’s own income is a huge feat in itself in the Nepali film industry. There is no doubt that Priyanka has earned it as she had been very busy and has been a well known actress who has acted in movies, participated in various stage shows in and out of the country, and done various modeling assignments.

The US-return actress is considered the most professional and the most dedicated actress in the Nepal film industry. She reportedly left USA and divorced the US resident husband to dedicate herself to the film industry. In fact, no other artists in the Nepali film industry have burnt the boat to remain in the Nepali film industry island.

But, gossip columns in some online media have fabricated a news accusing Priyanka of using earthquake victim funds to purchase the vehicle. Such accusations however are not based on any facts or proofs. Nobody actually believed such rumor until Priyanka wrote a long message in her Facebook profile to tell that she was hurt by the comment.

In the message (attached) Priyanka Karki has given all the details of her fund collection effort and the amount of the collected fund. She has told that the fund collected in the UK is yet to arrive in Nepal and she has promised to show it to everybody.

In addition to Priyanka Karki, other film artists have also expressed their surprise and dissatisfaction on the gossip.

Gone are the days when you believe everything that is written. Because of fake news and reports in various social medias, people these days are much skeptical in report. Although some genuine also go unnoticed, most of the fake and wrong news or reports are easily identified by the public.

Response of other people:

Director Suresh Darpan Pokharel has expressed his sadness on the issue:

‘Adhakatti’ director and journalist Subrat Acharya has expressed his surprise in such accusation. He says that Priyanka is from a rich family and doesn’t need others money to purchase anything.

Priyanka Karki had told that she had purchased the vehicle two days before the earthquake of April 25. That rules out any involvement of relief money in the purchase.

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