QFX theater, DCN Jalma opens in Chitwan

A new movie theater has opened in Narayangadh of Chitwan. The theater of DCN  Jalma is constructed at the same location of the previous theater Jalma Hall.

qfx in chitwan

According to the owner and film producer Ashok Sharma, the theater was constructed at a cost of about Rs. 80 millions. The sound system and projection alone had cost about Rs. 15 million. Being a part QFX franchise has cost an additional money to maintain the standards.

The theater has started its regular business on June 25. There are four shows each on Friday, Saturday and Monday. The ticket price is Rs. 250. The tickets for the morning shows are sold at a 50% discounted price. On other days (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) there are only three shows.

Ashok Sharma says that the theater chooses only the best movie to screen in the theater. In addition to Nepali movies, there will be shows of Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

There are two theaters in the cinema complex. The seating capacity is 533 seats divided in 268 seats in Jalma A and 265 seats in Jalma B.

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