Manisha Koirala – ‘My husband has become my enemy’

It seems, the marriage of Manisha Koirala with Samrat Dahal is not going to last long. Last time, Manisha posted about her intention of divorce in May. She has done it again – by posting a bit more sad and harsh message in Facebook. The message reads:

My husband has become my enemy. How much worst can it become for a women?

Last time, the difference between the couple was was patched when friends and families helped them to soothe the relationship wounds. Manisha clarified that it was a minor issue with her husband.


Before marrying Samrat, there were numerous affairs of Manisha that couldn’t last long. With these public display of relationship problems it seems, we were right when we concluded about her commitment in relationship – even before her marriage:

Falling in and out of love seems like a regular exercise for commitment-phobic Manisha Koirala ….

It has been just over a year of marriage and, Manisha’s desire to have kids hasn’t been a reality yet. Some suspect that might be one of the reasons Manisha is not happy with the marriage. It is to be noted that Manisha has turned 42-years-old last week and is 7 years older than Samrat.

It seems Manisha is taking refuge to meditation to cope with her relationship problems. She was seen in Osho Tapoban in Kathmandu a couple of days ago, where she met Rajesh Hamal. Rajesh Hamal was promoting his upcoming movie Mero Rajesh Dai. (Photo credit – Nagarik)

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