Samyam Puri turns 23, happy birthday !

The actor son of director Narayan Puri, Samyam Puri, has turned 23-years-old on March 28. He had celebrated it with his family on Saturday. But, according to the Nepali calendar he celebrated the birthday on March 29 again by cutting a birthday cake among his friends.

Actor Anuragman Singh Kunwar had brought a surprise birthday cake for Samyam and the cake was cut at ‘Mala’ director Sudip Bhupal Singh’s home in Jawalakhel. The artists celebrated the birthday by watching the cricket world cup final. Samyam’s girlfriend Ashma DC was was also present during the celebration.

Samyam debuted in ‘Saayad’ (watch ‘Saayad’ here) was appreciated for his acting skills. Two of his movies ‘Punte Parade’ and ‘Aavash‘ have already been released and his upcoming movie ‘Nai Nabhannu La 3’ is releasing this week. Upcoming movie ‘Rato Ghar’ is currently in post production. Samyam was also featured as child artists in a number of movies. (Watch one of the movies with Samyam as child artist, ‘Mero Hajur’ here.)

Samyam’s girlfriend Ashma DC in her birthday wish has told that he is "the world’s best person" she knows.

xNepali team wish Samyam a very happy birthday and wish him success in upcoming movies.

Photo credit – Samyam Puri.

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