Namaste Nepal to release in May and July

A movie shot entirely in Europe, ‘Namaste Nepal’ is ready for release in May in Europe. The movie however will release a bit late, on July 17 (Shrawan 1, 2072), in Nepal. Currently preparing for the release, the movie features actors Sabin Shrestha, Shyam Shrestha, Anna, Anuj Pradha, Gopal Dhakal, Kamala Dahal, Parbati Adhikari and others. With this movie popular choreographer Raju Shah is debuting as a director.

namaste nepal shooting (7)

The movie produced under the banner of Dwarika Production, is produced jointly by Pradeep Kumar Uday, Mandira Shrestha and Riju Shah. The movie features the choreography of Raju Shah / Teresa and action by Chandra Pant. Foreign star cast include Anna, Bond, George, John and others.

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Samyam Puri turns 23, happy birthday !

The actor son of director Narayan Puri, Samyam Puri, has turned 23-years-old on March 28. He had celebrated it with his family on Saturday. But, according to the Nepali calendar he celebrated the birthday on March 29 again by cutting a birthday cake among his friends.

Actor Anuragman Singh Kunwar had brought a surprise birthday cake for Samyam and the cake was cut at ‘Mala’ director Sudip Bhupal Singh’s home in Jawalakhel. The artists celebrated the birthday by watching the cricket world cup final. Samyam’s girlfriend Ashma DC was was also present during the celebration.

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Rajesh Hamal and Madhu Bhattarai talk about their relationship in a TV interview

In their US tour, the Nepali superstar and his wife Madhu Bhattarai talked to the local television, White Himal TV. This is the first time the superstar couple has appeared together in a television interview.

In the interview, the couple have discussed about their honeymoon trip, their marriage, relationship and future plans.

Watch the interview video:

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