Rajesh Hamal, first interview after marriage

After getting married to Madhu Bhattarai last month, Rajesh Hamal talked for the first time to Kantipur’s Movers & Shakers. Samriddhi Rai took the interview in which she asked about his love life, career and future.

The interview published in M&S of Kathmandu Post was taken right before he flew to Australia to participate in the cultural program and the celebration of his birthday on May 30. In Australia he was also honored for his 20-years-long contribution to the Nepali film industry.

Some of the things he told in the interview are summarized as:

  • Teenage dreams of was, “to be a wrester like Dara Singh.” He wanted to be as big as them. So, he started copying them their diet. But, when he started putting on too much weight, he became big.
  • His sexiest woman alive for Rajesh Hamal is non other than his newly wedded wife, Madhu Bhattarai. (After all, it’s just been 2 weeks since the marriage.)
  • If he were born as a woman he would love to be Queen Elizabeth. He says, “I have a secret side of me who wants to live like a royal.”
  • Rajesh’s health mantra is, “It’s not what you eat, but is it what you don’t eat makes you healthy.”
  • The Hollywood actors Rajesh would love to become are Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.
  • When asked what is the best thing he likes about Nepal, Rajesh says that the people are the gem of the country.
  • When his father passed away, that was the life changing event for Rajesh.
  • One principle he lives by: “In movies, you might get a lot of takes, but in real life you only get one take. Life is short, youth even shorter, stretch it to its limits.
  • To the youth today, he tells them to party hard but they should also work harder.
  • Life lesson Rajesh shared is: “Even if you don’t go along, even if you hate each other keep the communication going.”

rajesh hamal talks

Click on the image to read the full interview:

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