Rajesh Hamal, first interview after marriage

After getting married to Madhu Bhattarai last month, Rajesh Hamal talked for the first time to Kantipur’s Movers & Shakers. Samriddhi Rai took the interview in which she asked about his love life, career and future.

The interview published in M&S of Kathmandu Post was taken right before he flew to Australia to participate in the cultural program and the celebration of his birthday on May 30. In Australia he was also honored for his 20-years-long contribution to the Nepali film industry.

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Friday Release, Miss Nepal the only Nepali movie in theater

Unlike other Fridays, there are no new releases this Friday. The movie released last week in theaters out of Kathmandu, ‘Miss Nepal’ has released in the theaters in Kathmandu this week.

miss nepal poster

The movie directed by Surendra Tuladhar features the producer of the movie Suvekshya Thapa in leading role. With, Sabin Shrestha and Kshitiza Shakya are also in lead roles in the movie.

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