Rajesh Hamal to replace Nikhil Upreti in Mato

Nikhil is unwilling to return back to Kathmandu and did dubbing of a movie in Mumbai. Although Nikhil Upreti did his best not to leave any unfinished projects; there are reports of problems to the directors and producers of various movies due to Nikhil’s absence.


For a movie he did dubbing in Mumbai last week and there is report of Rajesh Hamal replacing Nikhil in a movie named ‘Mato’. The director of the movie Kishor Subba told that Nikhil promised to act in the movie but he didn’t show up in the shooting. After a wait for sometime, Subba decided to sign-in Rajesh Hamal for the role.

Subba told that there will be some changes in the script to suit Rajesh. It is told that 50% of the shooting is already complete and is planned to be finished in a four months.

‘Mato’ casts Rajesh Hamal, Melina Manandar, Simanta Udash, Pushpa Shrestha, Mitra Lingdel, Mukunda Lingdel etc.

2 thoughts on “Rajesh Hamal to replace Nikhil Upreti in Mato

  1. hi they are going to change actor agian it not make sens. in the message it say 50 percent filim is done. now if they repalce rajesh hamal and put nikhil upreti it does not make sense. So i think it will be good film if there is rajesh hamal not nikhil upreti. now he is in bumbi. it is not possible to become actor agian becuase film give us knowladge and do doing same thing it is not possible to people who are looking Nikhil movie. so i think Rajesh hamal will be better than Nikhil.

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