Rose Rana charged by police (again)

takkar_dui_mutuko Producer, actor, and soon to-be-director of Nepali movies, Roj Rana (or Rose Rana) is accused in human trafficking charges.

Rose has produced and acted in ‘Takkar Dui Mutuko’, which is being screened in theaters in Kathmandu. Another movie ‘Dosti’ is being screened in theaters out of Kathmandu. In the past he has produced movies like ‘Khalnayak‘, ‘Dadagiri‘, and ‘Don‘.

He owns over a dozen dance bars in the capital – all having names of the likes of Top Show-girl, Underground Show-girl, and Show-girl Queen. These are infamous platforms where girls with great expectations happen to strip themselves of their decency barely to make ends meet. He is none other than Rose Rana, the notorious film-maker, who has been arrested under the public offense case.

Rose Rana along with two others were accused of forcing dancers to dance indecently in VIP Dance Bar of Bagbazar. It was the four dancers at the bar, arrested on April 22, who informed the police about forcing them in dancing such acts at the bar by the owner and managers of the bar.

The police are looking for the bar owner Rose Rana, Baba Shrestha (Sampanna), and Dance Bar manager Rajendra Rayamajhi.

Saroj Thapa, who made big money through illegal dance bars, rechristened himself into Rose Rana before jumping into film making business.

Rose Rana was also arrested previously in similar charges in which he was released on bail. Six months back he as arrested again when he threatened to kill Kopila Upreti, wife of Nikhil Upreti, at her house.

Rose is also known for bullying actors, rivals and theatre-owners for his vested interests. Nikhil Upreti and filmmaker Suresh Darpan Pokhrel had lodged a complaint at the Metropolitan Police claiming that Rana often threatened them at home and the shooting spots.

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  1. basically law inforce is loose in nepal, thats why young chaps are aledgely show off their powers, specialy money talks at such grounds likw dance bar, discotheks, n various places where entertainers encourage to spend lot of maney good for nothing,

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