Rekha Thapa celebrates the success of ‘Kali’ by buying a new car

The release of Rekha Thapa‘s latest movie ‘Kali‘ posed a lot of threats. Some threats Rekha might have felt are:

  • It was the first movie she had produced alone. All of Rekha Film’s previous movie were produced by Chhabi Raj Ojha.
  • While Rekha was busy in ‘Kali’, Chhabi was producing his own ‘Loafer’. The media had termed the ‘Loafer’ actress Rajani KC the new Rekha. Some even speculated Chhabi marrying Rajani.
  • The release date of ‘Loafer’ and ‘Kali’ was set on the same date – Fulpati of Dashain.
  • These issueses led Rekha to approach Chhabi (or, the other way around) to let Chhabi distribute ‘Kali’. That saved Rekha from a tough competition. But, it also created another problem. The distributors Rekha had previously promised for the distribution of the movie got angered by the Rekha and Chhabi team. They found another movie featuring Rekha to release on the same date as ‘Kali’
  • The Bhojpuri movie ‘Damani’ was a hit movie in Bhojpuri and it features Rekha in a guest role. The distributors, decided to highlight Rekha and release the movie to take away ‘Kali’ viewers.

Although Rekha’s ‘Kali’ was saved from the competition of Chhabi’s movie ‘Loafer’ it’s couldn’t escape  from herself in ‘Damini’. The publicity of the movie paid off and ‘Kali’ remained in theater for more than two weeks.

rekha with new car - chhabi

Rekha and the team say that the movie has made a good profit. According to media report, the movie has earned in excess of 1.5 crores. Rekha says that she has made a good profit after recovering the cost of production. To show-off the profit, Rekha has also bought a car costing Rs. 43 lakh. 

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